About Zurface Group

The mission is to create a healthy work and learning environment for both children and adults, reduce the spread of infections, and improve building operations.

Since 2012, Zurface Group has been dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing digital solutions to minimize the spread of infections and improve indoor climate. Our solutions are the result of close collaboration with users and leading experts in the field.

The Zurface solution opens up a wide range of perspectives and possibilities that have the potential to improve well-being for both children and adults, enhance learning capabilities, reduce absenteeism, optimize building operations, and decrease energy consumption.

Through collaboration to ensure a healthier indoor climate, we achieve positive effects on both work and educational environments, resulting in increased learning and well-being. A healthier indoor climate also significantly reduces absenteeism, presenting significant potential benefits for schools, daycare centers, private workplaces, and society as a whole.

Public and private buildings are utilized for extended periods throughout the day, and it can be a challenge to manage building operations and reduce energy consumption during periods when the buildings are unoccupied or have minimal occupancy. The data analysis presented in a user-friendly manner can help optimize energy management during these periods. Moreover, many public buildings have unused or inefficiently utilized spaces due to a lack of oversight regarding their utilization. Hence, Zurface will analyze and provide guidance on improving building usage, such as identifying vacant areas.


Hand hygiene solution

  • Biologically/microbiologically verified effect
  • Verified digital nudging effect
  • Biological/microbiological test of cleaning quality
  • User validated with positive feedback


Cleaning concept

  • Research
  • Conceptual developments + mockups
  • Digitalise cleaning procedures
  • Patent


zurface™ solution

  • Research
  • Conceptual development + mock-ups
  • Patent


zurface™ solution

  • Market research
  • Product development
  • Testing product and solution
  • Microbiologically testing the effect
  • Project with the Municipality of Aarhus (VTU)
  • Project report
  • Municipal business case
  • Shortlisted, Danish Design Award – Visionary Concepts


zurface™ solution

  • Product development
  • Product testing consumables
  • Testing product and solution
  • Microbiologically testing the effect
  • Funding from the Innovation Fund and Patient@home
  • Project with the University Hospital of Odense
  • Funding process


zurface™ solution

  • Product development
  • Funding, Vækstfonden
  • Preparation for production
  • Partnership deals
  • Sales, Denmark


zurface™ solution

  • Developing digital infrastructure (Azure)
  • Scaling production capacity
  • Sales, Denmark
  • International partnerships

The management team



Jarl Christensen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Jarl is the CEO and founder of Zurface Group, a global enterprise specialised in creating new, user-centric digital solutions to minimise the spread of infection. For many years, Jarl has driven the company alongside his consultation business, but is now fully dedicated to growing Zurface Group. He has a master’s degree in Business Innovation and Conceptual Development, and education as an marine engineer as well as several years of international experience in technological development and change management. In Zurface, he works on the company vision and culture, and he is currently running the technological development while working to find the right Engineering Director. Living in Højbjerg, father of two teenage girls, and passionate about cycling.

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Steffen Boutrup Møller

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Steffen is responsible for marketing activities and global sales in Zurface Group. Many Danes have, at some point, used the solutions of Steffen's first company, BoligPortal.dk, which he founded as early as when he studied Economics at Aarhus Business School. For the last 15 years, Steffen has been involved with several start-ups and company trades, at the same time working as a board member of more than 15 start-ups using his expertise in business development, management, and e-commerce.

Steffen spends his time developing the digital infrastructure, and the focus on zurface™ becoming the preferred solution to minimise the spread of infection on a global basis. Privately, Steffen lives in Højbjerg with his wife and three kids. He is also passionate about cycling, so the management group often has ride-and-talk meetings!

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